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Your ERP solution is a strong platform that allows your business to expand, grow productivity and profitability, while also improving customer satisfaction. Your software achieves these benefits through very experienced users. 


Users who are sufficiently trained from the start of your ERP implementation, are more comfortable and productive while using the system when it goes live. This increases the utilization and ROI. 


Our team at Cateran are specifically qualified to build a dynamic ERP training program for your company and give informative resources and guidance for as long as you may need. We will work with your company to build an effective training program tailored to your individual requirements. 


Once training is complete and your ERP solution is live, Cateran continues to offer ongoing support services as they are needed. 

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At Cateran our goal is to help you achieve maximum training efficiency. 

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Increase User Adoption and ROI with Training


If your employees aren’t sufficiently prepared, they are less likely to be comfortable using the ERP solution and may avoid using it altogether. Take advantage of the training services offered by Cateran and ensure an adequate ROI when your ERP system goes live. Contact Cateran to learn about our expert and flexible ERP training services. 

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Online Microsoft Dynamics training as close as your computer, anytime, anywhere


When you subscribe to a service plan for your Microsoft Dynamics solution, you have training available at your fingertips anytime you need it. Microsoft CustomerSource offers:

  • Unlimited online training

  • Certification and training materials

  • Technical documentation

  • Self-help tools


With CustomerSource, you can access your account information, technical software updates and downloads, information about events, online support, and much more – available 24 hours a day, right at your computer.

Do you have new employees who would benefit from training? 



Microsoft Dynamics never stops growing, so ongoing education and training to stay ahead of new functionality and usability improvements is an important part of the Microsoft Dynamics community. We encourage our clients to take advantage of community events where you can get a substantial training experience.

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