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Implementations & Upgrades

Each Project is Unique

Each implementation and upgrade has unique characteristics, that is how we approach every client we take on. Here at Cateran, we take all the necessary steps to ensure we get each project to the finish line without overlooking anything. 

Options to Mirror Your Capabilities


Some companies use their in-house resources to take on more tasks than necessary to implement their ERP solution successfully. Cateran can adjust to our client’s resource availability to do as much or as little as needed, use Cateran as a backup when you encounter an issue. 


Some companies want or require more attention and more services. If this is the case, we will do a full deployment. With our team of highly trained and dedicated Microsoft Dynamics professionals, we have crafted a flexible and successful methodology for manufacturing, distribution, and many more industries. 

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On-Target Implementations

In a Meeting


We combine the best group of individuals from your team and Cateran to create the project team for your implementation. We have built this highly successful strategy over years of overseeing and managing projects for companies large and small. It is our proven strategy to ensure projects come in on budget and on time. 

Eliminate the hastle of software upgrades

To understand your ERP systems value from the moment it goes live, Cateran has created a unique implementation process. We customize the implementation templates, analysis, programs and processes specifically for your company and industry to guarantee that the implementation exceeds your companies expectations. 

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